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Is it a good idea to hire a personal chef for a micro-wedding?

Pink flower petals design on the back ground & gold leaves on the menu
Micro Wedding Reception Menu for 6-22-22

We received a DM via Instagram from a young woman who was looking for a personal chef for her micro-wedding in early spring 2021. We had a few Zoom meetings since she and her fiancé at the time lived in Minnesota. They told us their wedding plan with 13-15 guests in Idaho Springs, Colorado, on June 22, 2022. We thought their idea was brilliant and we were delighted to serve the reception on such a special day. The bride-to-be and I kept in touch throughout the year, and she gave me detailed information on the wedding day so we could prepare the reception meals ahead. The couple wanted to do a brunch instead of dinner, we discussed what theme would fit their wedding, and Chef Aric created a customized brunch menu for them.

It was a beautiful day on their wedding day, and we were excited and honored to serve our food for the reception. It was a gorgeous place, waterfalls ran right by the back patio, and the bride's maid of honor beautifully set up the table and decorations. But it got brighter when the beautiful bride in an elegant dress and handsome groom walked through the kitchen to the patio. We started firing up the foo