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How to Hire the Best Personal Chef in Colorado for Your Holiday Party

Finally, the exciting news for you to discover! Today is the day since I teased you a little bit about our next journey on our last blog! We are thrilled to announce that we are teaming up with our new and dear friend, Elizabeth Boulos, and a wonderful wine cellar company, Scout & Cellar this holiday!


In the last blog, we shared our struggles, setback, and how we bounced back. Elizabeth was the first one I reached out to in a local Denver FB group to see if we would be a good match. She was happy to connect with me, and we set a date and time to chat over a cup of coffee at our favorite coffee shop in River North Art District in Denver, Colorado. I was a bit nervous, but I felt good vibes from her and found great common ground within a few minutes. We talked about so many things; traveling, living in different countries, the differences between how Americans live, and people in other countries that are much more limited by their resources. We also had great conversations about food and material waste in The United States; I felt we connected immediately, especially when we started talking about food waste. I realized how passionate we both felt about it. (One of U N I Personal Chef Services' focuses is to make food from scratch as much as possible to minimize waste) We chatted about how Chef Aric repurposed furniture and made shelves, my office desk, and a coffee table with scrap wood and wood floor materials that would be thrown out to a trash bin. Elizabeth told me about how she and her boyfriend have been working on their school bus project. (It's very cool what they do, so check it out!)

Of course, the meeting went into more about our businesses; it was amazing to know that she has enormous connections with other entrepreneur women and offers the resources to help other entrepreneurs like me to build a business. She joined right away with my idea about us serving a 5-course dinner, pairing wines with her and Scout & Cellar for new clients during this holidays. I felt like I'd known her for a long time, she ignited my motivation, and I am beyond excited to bring our personal/private chef business to the next level after the meeting.


And TODAY is THE DAY!!!! We are now offering Prix Fixe 5 Course Dinner with Scout & Cellar Wine Pairing until 12/31/22! And on top of that, we publish our NEW designed website (Thank you, Meg chan, you are amazing!) With our NEW ONLINE BOOKING system!!! So you can book your dinner party RIGHT NOW! This Holiday Special is great for anyone interested in hiring a private/personal chef in Denver, Metro areas! You have heard about our services but are not sure where to start and how it works. We will guide you step by step. Perhaps, you would like to have a party but don't want to prepare, cook, or clean the kitchen during the busy holiday season. Or you would love to gather with your friends and family, but looking for an alternative to busy and noisy restaurants. U N I Personal Chef Services is exactly what you need!

You will still have a luxurious experience with a delicious 5-course dinner with your friends and family in your comfortable home even though this is an entry-level service since Chef Aric already has decided on the menu. (we customize a menu for each party and event) We provide vegan/gluten-free options throughout the course, and in the end, you will discover a spotlessly clean kitchen after the party. U N I Personal Chef only takes one reservation at a time while restaurants tend to book as many customers as possible, it can be busy and noisy, and it lacks customer service many times. We serve only you and your guest for the night, no one else, and our attention will be all yours. We are open whenever your party starts and close whenever your party ends. Relax, and enjoy your family and friends, let's start with a delicious glass of wine, and all you have to do is have fun while we put mouthwatering dinner on your table! And don't you worry if you are already our loyal clients! We still offer all of our services during the holidays, and it's available for you to reserve the date and time for your holiday party fast and smoothly as we set up the ONLINE BOOKING strictly for our loyal clients, too! We'd love to have our Complimentary 30 minutes Consultation with you if you are a first-time client who would like to know more about our services! Please contact us anytime at if you have any questions/concerns. We look forward to serving you soon!

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