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Chef Aric

I was born and raised in Colorado, lived in Japan from age 14 to 20 years old, and my wife and I lived in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for a little over 2 years. My mother was a polish and my father was an Italian. As you can see, all those aspects define my cooking style.


I like to take dishes you know very well, and re-imagine them into something that is very recognizable but different - to a new level. I love world cuisine and specialize in blending different cultures into my dishes.

My cooking experience comes mostly from the professional restaurant world, as I studied with some of the best chefs in Colorado. Here I am, to provide everything I know to you and your family. I’m so excited to serve you.

Chef Aric Cooking
Chef Aric Cooking

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My cooking experience started from my own home, of course, from my mother. I ventured into the professional restaurant world at age 12 as a pizza cook at my uncle’s restaurant. From there, I went to a neighborhood restaurant in Denver, Colorado, worked as a bus boy, dishwasher, and prep cook.


Life took some funny turn and I had an opportunity to live in Osaka, Japan at age 14. That’s when my food adventure really kicked in. I started to try new foods that I never thought I’d try and/or like… I didn’t even know what those foods were!


It was not until I got back to Colorado at age 21, and got a job at Zenith Restaurant with chef Kevin Taylor. Little did I know that food was going to be my passion. Kevin helped me mold my food style by taking recognizable food and making it more elegant.


From there I used restaurants as my culinary school and studied with some of the best chefs in Colorado. Then, as fortune will have it, I was working with Kevin again and he recommended me as a personal chef to Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Hamilton where I worked for 2 years for them.

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