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Custom In-Home Prep Meals

Customized Meals

School? Sports? Work? Athlete Needs Special Meal Prep? Too Busy? No Menu or Recipes Ideas? No Time to Cook? Tired of spending many hours prepping meals for a week?

What if we tell you that you’ll be free from several hours of cooking and be able to use this free time to enjoy whatever you wish to do?


  • No more grocery shopping

  • No more planning a menu

  • No more extra Uber delivery/service charges

  • No more dirty pots/pans

  • No more chopping, peeling, seasoning, packing, labeling…

U n’ I Personal Chef Services can provid

  • We take care of Meal Planning, Grocery Shopping, Cooking, and Clean-up!  

  • Personally prepared culinary masterpieces in the privacy of your own home

  • Healthy nutritious meals that your entire family will enjoy

  • We create a “Customized” meal plan & menu based on your dietary preferences

  • Leave detailed heating instructions & label each package


Delicious, Fresh, High Quality, Personal Touches, and Affordable! Contact us TODAY!!! 

Meal Prepped Meals

Custom Weekly In-Home Prep Meals: Special Diets, Dietary Restrictions, and More!

How It Works

1. Use the calendar below to schedule an appointment with us, so the Chef will be able to take notes of your dietary requirements and personal preferences in detail.

2. Fill out the form and click submit button at the bottom.

3. After your “Meet & Greet” with the chef and you agree to terms & conditions, we will send you an invoice for the week.

4. Once we get approved the estimate and receive the deposit, the Chef will create 3 CUSTOM meals x 4 Servings of each meal (Total of 12 plates/servings) for each week
(Please feel free to contact us if/when you need to make changes to the menu, and/or have any questions/concerns).

5. We will arrive at your home with our kitchen equipment, and prepare your custom meal. (Please allow us to be at your home between 3-5 hours).

6. We will clean up everything after we finish the meal preparations.

7. Please pay the remaining balance by cash, or using a credit card via PayPal or Venmo. 

Meet & Greet with Chef Aric!

Our Personal Chef Services are here to take all the stress of cooking off your shoulders. All you have to do is enjoy a meal with your friends and family!