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Cooking Classes

Classes For All

Gathering with your friends and family at your home, but tired of board games? Want to learn something new to do with your kid after school at home? Fun way to have a company party? Missing your friends and/or family who live away from you, and want to have fun way to get together via Zoom?


Our Private In-Home (In-Person) and/or Private Group Virtual Cooking Classes will provide you a fantastic way to reconnect with your loved ones, it’s a great icebreaker to get to know your new colleagues or clients! Our Private In-Home (In-Person) and Private Group Virtual Cooking Classes are a fun, educational activity for your team building, and it will be an unforgettable corporate event for your team! 

We are excited to offer our Private In-Home (In-Person) at your comfortable home, and Private Group Virtual cooking classes via Zoom! Our classes are interactive, fun, and educational in a relaxed atmosphere. 

Private In-Home Classes

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Private Classes

Private In-Home (In-Person) Cooking Class with Customized Menu

What would you like to know about cooking? We can customize your menu and have more detail-oriented classes, just for YOU!


Our Private In-Home classes are $100/person (minimum of 4 people, up to 12 people). You can pick a class from our lists, or Chef Aric can customize a class topic just for you and your company! 


On the day of the class, we will grocery shop, set up necessary equipment at your house, demonstrate, and show you everything you need to know about cooking, step by step!


This class is approximately 3 hours. 

(*Exception: Sushi 101 Class is $120/person minimum of 4 people, up to 10 people. *Additional Fee may apply for a Customized Class ) 

How It Works

1. Please register your information here.


2. Pick a class topic you’d like to participate in, and check the available dates/time.


3. Register and Pre-Pay to reserve your spot. 

4. Once we receive your reservation and the payment, we will send you a prep/equipment list so you can be ready for the class prior to the date. 


5. We will grocery shop, and bring it to your home on the class day! 

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U N I Cooking class online with Chef Aric and Yukari is a blast! Both are extremely talented in the kitchen and walk you through the recipe by breaking them down into easy-to-follow steps allowing time for questions about technique and substitutions. The recipe choices are healthy and packed with flavor. I can’t give them enough stars, highly recommend a night in the kitchen with these two!



U N I virtual cooking classes are a great way to increase your cooking knowledge and have fun in the comfort of your own home!  It makes a great date night.  Chef Aric and Sous Chef (aka production assistance) Yukari are not only knowledgeable but also make the process fun! 


Whether you are an avid cooker or a bit apprehensive about cooking they have something for you.  They provide easy-to-follow recipes that are delicious. You will leave with something that you can add to your weekly rotation of family meals.  I can’t thank Chef Aric and Yukari enough for the incredible experience.  I highly recommend their service! 5 stars.


Private Group Virtual Classes

You can have friends and family in your kitchen at no additional cost, and/or you can still enjoy our online virtual cooking classes even if your friends/family live in another part of the world, too!


Our online virtual cooking classes are 2 hours long, and each class includes shopping lists, equipment lists, and recipes! You can either pick a class from our class schedule or we can create customized cooking class just for you and your group! 


Our Private Group Virtual Cooking Classes are $35.00 per device. (4 devices minimum up to 10 devices) The class is 2 hours long, and this class include shopping lists, equipment lists, and customized menu/recipes.

How It Works

1. Please register your information here.

2. Pick a class topic you’d like to participate, and check the available dates/time

3. Register and pre-pay to reserve your spot.

4. Once we receive your reservation and the payment, we will send you a prep list so you can be ready for the class prior to the date. A Zoom invitation link will be send to you the day before the class session!

5. If you are our website subscriber, you’ll get 10% off from the course fee! 

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Beginner Classes

Beginner's 101: Knife Skills

​In this beginner's group class, you'll learn how to choose a knife, how to hold a knife, and how to sharpen a knife. We will also go over how to hold veggies & meats while using a knife, mincing, chopping, dicing... and many more. The final dish we’re making in Beginner's 101 Knife Skills will be Stir-Fried Veggies & Rice! Option to Add Meat

Beginner's 101: Stewing, One Pot Wonder with Different Cuisines

If you know how to stew things, you can make anything from Italian to Japanese cuisine, and anything in between! In this Beginner's 101 group class, we’ll go over the basics of stewing. We will finish the class off by making some delicious Braised Chicken and Pasta! 

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Intermediate Classes

Cooking Multiple Dishes

In this intermediate group class, we will go over cooking multiple dishes (includes a main dish with protein + 2 side dishes). 

Choose from:

1) Chicken Parmesan with Pasta(Red Sauce) & Steamed Broccoli

2) Turkey Meatloaf with Macaroni and Cheese & Green Bean Salad

3) Japanese Beef Curry with Rice & Fresh Cucumber Pickles

How to Make Prep Meals (Same Ingredients, Different Cuisines!)

Unique Japanese Dishes, Osaka Style!

Holiday Meals Made Easy!

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Family Classes

Kid Friendly Healthy Meals

Tapas Party

Simple Vegan & Vegetarian Meals for the Whole Family