Personal Chef for Events & Parties

Planning an Event?

Family Gathering? Birthday Party? Micro Wedding? Anniversary? Backyard Party? Are you tired of the “Pot Luck” Party?

What if we tell you that you can just sit back, catch up with your friends and family, enjoy your special day with them, and you don’t have to worry about cooking or the “After the Party” mess anymore? 

We create a customized menu that fits your needs for the party, do grocery shopping, prep, cook, serve it to your table, and clean-up!

You and your guests will have a fantastic fine dining experience at your own home by the professionally trained chef with high-quality service!

We Offer...

  • Passed (or Stationed) Appetizers Party

  • Casual/Family Style (Buffet Style)

  • Plated, Multiple Course Sit Down Dinner (3 to 5 courses)

  • 7 Course Tasting Menu

  • Backyard Party

  • Romantic Custom Plated Dinner for 2 guest

...and More!

Personal Chef Services

How It Works

1. Please fill out the inquiry form here or at the bottom of the page

2. Use the calendar here to schedule an appointment with us, so the Chef will be able to contact you and customize the menu for your special day.

3. After you have a conversation with Chef Aric via phone/zoom, or in person, you’ll receive an email with an estimate, which will show you pricing, and terms and conditions.

4. Approve the estimate and pay a 50% deposit to reserve your special day.

5. Once you approve the estimate and we receive the deposit, we’ll send you the customized menu (Please feel free to contact us if/when you need to make changes to the menu, and/or have any questions/concerns).

6. Please confirm your headcount 7 days before your meal.

7. On the day of your event, we will arrive at your home an hour to an hour and a half before the event starts, and prepare your custom menu.

8. We will clean up everything after we finish serving the dinner.

9. Please pay the remaining balance at the end of the dinner party by cash, or using a credit card via PayPal or Venmo.

Meet & Greet with Chef Aric!

Our Personal Chef Services are here to take all the stress of cooking for your event off your shoulders. All you have to do is have fun with your friends and family! 



Service Prices:

Passed Appetizer/Backyard Party - $45.00 per person (Service fees minimum of 15 guests, up to 50 guests)

Family (Buffet) Style Dinner - $50.00 per person (Service fees minimum of 8 guests, up to 30 guests)

[Plated & Served Individually at the Table]

Plated 3 Course Dinner - $75.00 per person (Service fees minimum of 6 guests, up to 20 guests)

Plated 5 Course Dinner - $125.00 per person (Service fees minimum of 4 guests, up to 12 guests)

7 Course Tasting Menu - $175.00 per person (Service fees minimum of 4 guests, up to 10 guests)

Romantic Dinner for Two - $200.00 per person

Other: Please contact us and let us know what kind of a party you’d like to have!

Our service fees for our personal chef services are per person without the cost of food, and it includes the initial consultation, custom menu development, grocery shopping, preparation of the meal, serving your meal on the day of your special day, cleaning the kitchen, and cleaning dishes after the meal.

We will be sending you the estimate for the cost of food and will add travel fees if necessary (maximum travel of 20 miles outside of Denver, Colorado) with our service fees in your invoice.


The pricing does not include gratuity.

Please note that plates, cups, silverware, napkins, serving utensils, chairs, table setup, etc. will be the client’s responsibility.

After you complete the form, you will receive a confirmation email that we have received your inquiry.


If your event doesn’t fit into the above structure, please contact us and we can help you plan your event. Email us at, text or call us at 720-295-8336. Our office hours are Monday to Friday,10 am to 6 pm (Mountain Time).

Thank you!