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Unleash Your Inner Chef: What Sets Our Virtual Cooking Class Apart

Updated: Jan 3

Unlock the Art of Culinary Mastery with Chef Aric's Virtual Cooking Class!

A White man smiling at the camera with a chef coat, crossing his arm in front
Your Cooking Coach, Chef Aric Bianchi

Cooking isn't just a task; it's a life skill that opens doors to a world of flavors and possibilities. Chef Aric invites you to embark on a culinary journey like never before. 

Meet Chef Aric: A Maestro in the Kitchen for Over 30 Years!

With his extensive 30 years of professional cooking experience, Chef Aric is your guide into gastronomic excellence. His expertise extends beyond the ordinary, promising a culinary adventure that transcends the mundane.

Choose Your Culinary Path

Select from a variety of virtual classes that cater to all skill levels. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned home chef, Chef Aric's teachings cover the basics, unveiling the secrets of how simple cooking techniques can transform a dish. Learn the art of making it not just delicious but elevate it to elegance with the addition of signature sauces and expert tips on plating.

Invite your Friends and Family; the more people, the more Fun!

A photo from above the kitchen table with 3 black cutting boards, 3 people cutting noodles
Let's FUN begin!

This virtual cooking class isn't just for you – it's an experience to share! Please invite your friends and family to join the class from the comfort of their homes. While one computer per household is all you need to participate, there's no limit to the number of attendees within the home. Bond over the joy of cooking and discover the magic when shared with loved ones. 

Seize the Opportunity!

Don't miss the chance to hone your skills with Chef Aric and transform your cooking from routine to remarkable. 

How to Enroll:

Visit our website and sign up for our Virtual Cooking Classes! Give the gift of culinary expertise and embark on a flavorful journey that will last a lifetime.


Learning a new thing is FUN! 

Trying out new things is always enjoyable! We offer six virtual cooking classes, each with a unique learning experience. You can choose to attend one class, three classes, or all six of them! 

Each month, you'll receive a shopping list a week before the class, and after the course, you'll get recipes and recorded Zoom for one week. If you miss the class, you can watch the recorded Zoom class and schedule a 30-minute Q&A & session with us! 

Please note: Only one computer per household is allowed, but there is no limit to the number of attendees in the home! 

Here are the cooking class schedules! (All Classes Start at 11:00 am MST)

Veggie Eggrolls nicely portioned, and standing on a plate
Famous Veggie Eggrolls

January 6: Let's kick off our first virtual cooking class by celebrating Chinese New Year by learning how to make Veggie Eggrolls and Pork Dumplings

Chef Aric and I used to cook the veggie eggrolls at a bar. We hand-cut everything and made it from scratch, which was the bar's most famous dish. I will also show you how to make pork and cabbage dumplings and fold the dumpling skins differently. At the end of the class, Chef Aric will show you a simple sauce to elevate the dish and how to plate it so it looks like a restaurant-quality dish! 

Chopped Romaine Lettuce with Red Onions, Cucumbers, Red Peppers and Blue Cheese Crumbles
Chopped Salad

February 4: Chickpea Meatballs in Tomato Sauce and Chopped Salad with Red Wine Vinaigrette 

You won't believe it's a vegetarian dish! There is no need to use a "meat substitute" product! Save money, and let's use "real" veggies that taste good! Chef Aric will show you some knife skills that you can use to make chopped salad and how easy it is to make chickpea meatballs and tomato sauce from scratch! At the end of the class, Chef Aric will show you how to plate pasta like a food stylist! 

Green Tea Dashi over Crispy Rice Ball with Sauteed Asian Vegetables
Salmon Ochazuke

March 3: Salmon Ochazuke (Green Tea Over Rice) with Sauteed Asian Vegetables

March 3 is one of the five festivals in Japan called "Hina-Matsuri." (or Doll's Day.) The Five Seasons is a traditional annual event that dispels evil spirits at the turn of the season and wishes for good health. 

Hinamatsuri, known as the Girls' Festival on March 3, is called the Peach Festival. Initially, it is said that the custom of purifying yourself in the river and washing away impurities.

Chef Aric will show you how to elevate a simple Japanese soul food into a "Wow" dish. He will show you how to prepare the fish and cooking techniques, and what "Umami" actually does when you make a simple food. At the end, Chef Aric will show you how to plate and present the dish. 

Pan Seared Chicken Breast with Black Rice and Sauteed Snow Peas and Yellow Squash
Chicken Breast and Forbbiden Rice

April 7: Simple Chicken Breast with Green Beans and Forbbiden Rice

You will learn how to blanch green beans, a little history about Forbbiden Rice, and a very basic Pan Seared Chicken Breast. At the end of the class, Chef Aric will show you a simple sauce to elevate the dish and how to plate it so it looks like a restaurant-quality dish! 

Pork Loin with Rapini, Cannelini Beans and Pork Jus
Pork Loin with Rapini, Cannelini Beans and Pork Jus

May 5: Simple Pork Loin with Rapini, Cannellini Beans, and Pork Jus

Who said Pigs are dirty? Chef Aric will tell you how it started, the myth, and his answer. You'll also learn to tie the meat, make canned beans tasteful, and sautee vegetables. At the end of the class, Chef Aric will show you a simple sauce to elevate the dish and how to plate it so it looks like a restaurant-quality dish! 

Perfectly cooked medium rare tenderloin with sauteed green beans, mushroom and smashed potatoes
Tenderloin with Smashed Potatoes

June 2: Simple Beef with Pan Roasted Potatoes and Brussels sprouts

You will learn how to use blanched veggies to the next level! Chef Aric will talk about the differences between blanching and cooking potatoes. Then, Chef Aric shows you how to cook beef at your favorite temperature. At the end of the class, Chef Aric will show you a simple sauce to elevate the dish and how to plate it so it looks like a restaurant-quality dish! 

Father's Day is coming; why don't we let him sit down, and you serve this "fancy" "elevated" beef dish for your father to surprise him!? 

🌟 Enhance your culinary skills and learn from Chef Aric's expertise as he guides you through creating six impressive dishes each month that will amaze your guests!

⏳Unlock a world of flavor and culinary expertise with Chef Aric! Don't miss this unique opportunity!


Cooking is an art, and with Chef Aric, it becomes a masterpiece! Join us for an unforgettable experience – where every dish tells a story of skill, flavor, and shared joy!

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