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My mom, Food, Cooking & Growth on Mother's Day

Updated: Mar 29

Mother's day is a bitter sweet for both of us since we both lost our parents at young ages. While many people are going to enjoy celebrating this special day with all the moms, I found a short blog by chef Aric about his mom, and how Chef Aric was born. Please read on!

"I started cooking when I was about 6, I started baking birthday cakes with my mom for my brothers (Jay, Phil ) and sister. I think I just wanted to be the first to be lick the egg beaters. The first egg I cracked ended up on my mom's face; I caused more work for her for the first few years, but she always let me "help".

So when I got my first real cooking job where we made everything in house, I would call my mom up and ask many questions. She knew a lot, but it got to the point where she couldn't answer my questions anymore, instead, she started asking me about the food I was cooking. I would like to think that made her very proud of me. I still miss her, and wish I could call her and talk about food. But I'm thankful for her love, and for giving me all the knowledge she had."

Who mentored you & what did you learn?

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