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Chef Preparing Meal

U n' I Personal Chef Services 

Indulge in an evening designed exclusively for you.

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Our Mission

At U n I Personal Chef Services, our mission is to provide a personalized and luxurious boutique dining experience in the comfort of your own home. We specialize in crafting global cuisine that tells a captivating story, connecting with your personal memories, life story, and cultural heritage.


Inspired by the Japanese concept of 'Omotenashi,' our business goes beyond traditional customer service. 'Omotenashi' represents a philosophy deeply rooted in respect and care for our guests, fueling our commitment to creating unforgettable and enjoyable dining experiences.

What Can We Help You With?

Image by Fabrizio Magoni


Our personal chef services will bring you a unique and memorable experience for any event you are hosting! Make sure your loved ones are fed well and taken care of!

Image by Katie Smith


What would you like to know about cooking? We can customize your menu and have more detail-oriented classes, just for YOU in the privacy of your own home!

Image by Jeff Sheldon


With our Virtual Group Classes option, you can enjoy our online virtual cooking classes even if your friends/family live in another part of the world!

About Us

Experience Fine Dining in Aurora and Denver Metro Area with U n' I Personal Chef Services.


We are a husband and wife team with extensive years of fine dining experience, bringing a touch of elegance and culinary expertise to your table. Based in the beautiful Aurora & Denver Metro Area in Colorado, we dedicate to providing an unforgettable dining experience for you, your friends, and your family on your special day.


Our company's name, 'U n' I,' holds a profound meaning that reflects our values. The letter "U" signifies "You" in English, emphasizing our personalized approach to catering to your needs. In Japanese, "U" means "Friend," and "I" represents "Love." The Chinese character '友' symbolizes "Friend," and '愛' symbolizes 'Love.' Our name embodies fostering friendship and love through our culinary creations.


Our logo's Yin and Yang elements reflect that opposing forces are complementary but interconnected and interdependent in the natural world. We believe this principle applies to food as well. By combining contrasting flavors such as Salt & Sugar, Sweet & Sour, we create intriguing and multi-dimensional dishes. 


Join us as "YOU" and "I" forge a lasting "Friendship" through the art of food.

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Virtual Cooking Class!


Join us for a Special Cinco de Mayo Celebration! - A Virtual Cooking Class! 

Impress your friends by homemaking two types of salsas, two types of taco fillings, delicious guacamole, and a bacon and beans dish! Spice up your cooking game and have a virtual trip to experience Mexico's vibrant culture with us! 

Service Area


We are happy to serve a large area of the Denver Metro Area. Let us know where your event is happening, and we will come to you!


Our service area is within these landmark streets in the Denver area:

Farthest West: Broadway

Farthest East: Gun Club Rd.

Farthest North: I-70

Farthest South: Arapahoe Rd.

Downtown Denver:
Parking and Meter Charge applies

Outside Service Area Charge Details
Does your event fall outside of this area? No problem! We will still travel to you (additional Standard Mileage Rate fees apply).

Feel free to contact us with additional questions if your event location falls outside the radius on our map.

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Click Map to See if We're in Your Area!



So exquisite for food, creative and fun. Best custom food menus and night you can have. We have had Aric and Yukari cater many special events in our home and each time it’s amazing.

Professional staff · Experienced chefs · Creative cuisine · Personalized menus · Good for parties



I cannot begin to thank this incredible team for the care and love they put into the special holiday meals I ordered for my staff. They came prepared, organized, and on time to make sure we got them all delivered, and I heard nothing but compliments from everyone about how much they enjoyed the food. During COVID it has been so hard to share love and care with those special to us, but U N I have found a way to bring back shared meals even when we have to be apart, and the joy you feel when eating something made with love.

Delicious food · Experienced chefs · Personalized menus



They have a true passion for food and love to share it with everyone!



This is food ELEVATED to the next level of superb! Aric is not only a professional chef, he is an artist with his skills. Every dish I had was visually spectacular in sight and of course taste!! Both Chef Aric and Yukari’s knowledge will transcend your experience of food all together! I highly recommend them!



What an Amazing Experience! The 5 course meal was 5 Stars! The wine pairing suggestions were perfect for each course. Do Not Miss this Experience!!



Yukari and Aric are wonderful! Awesome food and great personalities! Very professional!


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