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Tortillas and Grilled Chicken

Cinco De Mayo Special 
Virtual Cooking Class

Virtual Cooking Class - A Fun Way to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Us!

Let's celebrate Cinco de Mayo in our virtual Mexican cooking class! Chef Aric and I are thrilled to share our love for Mexican tacos and culture with you. Join us, and let's have fun while learning how to cook delicious dishes!


Chef Aric and I were fortunate to live in the vibrant streets of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, for two and a half years and have so many fond memories. We fell in love with Mexican cuisine's flavors, colors, traditions, and the kindness and warmth of Mexican people.

Do you want to spice up your cooking game with Mexican flavors? We've got you covered! We want to share everything we learned about the flavor and the culture!


In our virtual cooking class, we'll not only show you how to make killer street tacos and salsa, but we'll also add a touch of Mexican hospitality and take you on a virtual trip to experience Mexico's vibrant markets, parties, and warmth to every bite.

Salmon Ochazuke.jpeg

Interested in a Personal Chef?

We offer personal chef services for your events!

Date: May 4th, 2024

Time: 11:00 am to 1:00 pm 

Location: Zoom (We will provide the link upon registration) 


What's included in our virtual cooking class? 

A PDF of the Shopping List and a PDF of the Equipment List (we will send it to you a week before the class) 

A PDF of "Before the Class" and a PDF of "What You Will Learn" (we will send it to you three days before the class) 

A PDF of "The Recipes," Photos, and Recorded Video of the Virtual Cooking Class (we will send it to you after the class) 


What will all participants learn?

Two Types of Salsas:
Salsa Roja and Roasted Chili and Tomato Salsa

Chipotle Marinated Chicken Fillings

Mushroom with Guajillo Chili Fillings (Vegetarian) 

Simple Guacamole

Bacon and Beans


🌶️ Don't miss out on our flavor-packed Cinco de Mayo celebration!

Reserve your spot NOW and savor unforgettable culinary delights.

Virtual Cooking
Class Preview - What you'll
learn in Cinco
de Mayo Class

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