Our Mission

Our mission at U n’ I Personal Chef Services is bringing an unique and memorable fine dining experience to your home by designing a menu around U, YOUR memories, YOUR life story, and YOUR culture

About Us

We’re a husband and wife team with multiple years of fine dining experience and have a multi-cultural background, proudly based in and serving the Denver/Aurora & Metro Denver Area in Colorado. Our mission is to bring professional dining to your table for you, your friends and family, and make an unforgettable dinner on your special day.

Our Company’s name 'U n’ I' has a deeper meaning; We use “U” as “You” and “I” in English, so it’s “YOU” and “I”. But “YOU” means “Friend” and “I” means “Love” in Japanese as well, along with Chinese Character '友' that is symbolized as 'Friend', and ''愛' which is symbolized as ‘Love’.

Our logo represents our mission and was created by our friend, Artist Proof Collective in Denver, Colorado. Yin and Yang describe that opposites are complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world. We believe it in food, too. Salt & Sugar, Sweet & Sour… the contrary makes food more interesting and brings more depth in the dish. We believe our delicious creations will bring a deep connection between “YOU” and “I”, and we hope “YOU” and “I” will have long-lasting “Friendship”!


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This is food ELEVATED to the next level of superb! Aric is not only a professional chef, he is an artist with his skills. Every dish I had was visually spectacular in sight and of course taste!! Both Chef Aric and Yukari’s knowledge will transcend your experience of food all together! I highly recommend them!



What an Amazing Experience! The 5 course meal was 5 Stars! The wine pairing suggestions were perfect for each course. Do Not Miss this Experience!!



Yukari and Aric are wonderful! Awesome food and great personalities! Very professional!


Street Food

Cooking Classes

Gathering with your friends and family at your home, but tired of board games? Want to learn something new to do with your kid after school at home? A fun way to have a company party? Missing your friends and/or family who live away from you, and want to have a fun way to get together via Zoom?


Our Private In-Home (In-Person) and/or Private Group Virtual Cooking Classes will provide you a fantastic way to reconnect with your loved ones, it’s a great icebreaker to get to know your new colleagues or clients! Our Private In-Home (In-Person) and Private Group Virtual Cooking Classes are a fun, educational activity for your team building, and they will be an unforgettable corporate event for your team! 

We are excited to offer our Private In-Home (In-Person) at your comfortable home, and Private Group Virtual cooking classes via Zoom! Our classes are interactive, fun, and educational in a relaxed atmosphere. 

Image by Katie Smith


What would you like to know about cooking? We can customize your menu and have more detail-oriented classes, just for YOU!

Image by Jeff Sheldon


With our Virtual Group Classes option, you can enjoy our online virtual cooking classes even if your friends/family live in another part of the world!

Delivery Zone

We are happy to now offer delivery for your pre-orders!

Our delivery zone covers a large area of the Denver Metro Area! We are happy to bring our food to you.


Feel free to contact us with questions about the delivery zone your home falls under or if your area is not included in this map.

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Blue - $3 Delivery Fee Applies 

Please be sure to select the correct delivery option at check out when placing an order (delivery fee applies).

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