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Elevate Your Elopement: Why to Hire a Personal Chef When Eloping to Elevate Your Celebration

Boufet table with white linens draped over it with some metal hot food containers, plates, wooden bowl with bread, and white plates with metal tongs on them.

Eloping has grown in popularity among couples seeking a more intimate way to celebrate their love. The allure of a private ceremony, stress-free from a traditional wedding, allows couples to focus solely on each other.

But just because you choose to elope doesn't mean you have to do without the luxuries that make your day memorable. When you hire a personal chef when eloping, you are creating an exclusive service reserved for those who truly value their unique love story. Here's why bringing a culinary expert into your celebration can transform your elopement into an unforgettable experience.

Customized Culinary Experience

When you work with us for your elopement, you get a delicious, memorable meal, a personalized dining experience, and a stress-free celebration

We are always excited about creating personalized menus and getting to know couples. In the past few years, we've been honored to serve several elopement dinners and discovered some delightful 'fun facts' about serving romantic dinners on their special days. 

We asked our usual questions regarding food allergies and restrictions, but during our discovery call, we realized we usually find hidden ingredients in our conversations.

"Where did you meet?" 

"Where was your engagement?" 

"Any fun stories you want to share on your first date or dating period?" 


One of our first elopement dinners was brunch-style with a few guests. The couple was from Minnesota and loved Mexican Cuisine, so we made Birria Tacos, a popular breakfast tacos in Mexico. We also made Silver-Dollar Pancakes. They enjoyed tasting the different maple syrups they brought from Minnesota with our silver-dollar pancakes. We presented the whole tenderloin for the main station. It was a gorgeous afternoon in the summer to celebrate their elopement in beautiful Idaho Springs, Colorado

(The first two photos on the top left and the middle are courtesy of Amber Sovorsky at Story Maker Photo )

Another couple's elopement dinner was also unique. The bride is of Mexican heritage, and the groom is Japanese. They love a Caribbean restaurant they go to when they have special occasions. We made Japanese appetizers with Japanese-style potato Salad, Curry Croquettes, and Braised Acorn Squash. The main dishes were Enchiladas, "Build your own Sushi," and Whole Pork Loin with Rice and Beans. We finished serving Matcha Cheesecake and Traditional Flan. Breckenridge, Colorado, was beautiful and welcomed the newly married couple's bright journey.

 Our strength is the imagination to create menus tailored to your tastes and preferences, unlike standard catering. Elopement dinner showcases Chef Aric's creativity, and getting to know individual couples through food connects us on the deeper level we treasure.


Accommodating Dietary Needs

In a world where dietary restrictions and preferences are common, having a personal chef means you don't have to worry about finding suitable options. 

A wedding/event planner contacted us about a couple who would elope in Boulder, Colorado. During our discovery call, we learned the couple had many food restrictions, and the restaurant they planned to have dinner after the elopement couldn't accommodate their needs. We see this as an opportunity to learn different cooking techniques and motivate us to create safe, memorable, and delicious course dinners. The couple traveled to many places and enjoyed International Cuisine. We served our most popular "Romantic Seven Course Tasting Menu for Two" with vegan, gluten-free, and all the specific allergies and restrictions

With our meticulous attention to detail, you can savor your meal without any worries on your special evening, knowing that every aspect has been crafted with your health and happiness in mind.

(Photo Courtesy of Be Boulder Photography)


Hire a Personal Chef When Eloping for a Stress-Free Celebration

Couples opt to elope to avoid the stress of planning a large wedding. Hiring us contributes to this stress-free atmosphere. Many of them stay at an Airbnb or a small cabin when they elope, so we can use the kitchen to cook dinner whenever the couple is ready. 

We served another "Romantic Seven Course Tasting Menu for Two" for a cute couple from Philadelphia in Colorado Springs, Colorado. They told us there was a restaurant they frequent to celebrate relationships and life milestones in their hometown, and it would be more meaningful if we could incorporate that "Taste of Home" into their elopement day in Colorado. We checked the restaurant's website, and Chef Aric created his version of "Taste of Home." We sourced the freshest seafood from Tom's Seafood & Gourmet Market, the best grade of Wagyu from Brunson's Meat Company, and Cardamom Pancake with Homemade Mango Sorbet & Fresno Chili Pepper for dessert. 


Intimate and Luxurious Dining

Eloping often means choosing a beautiful, secluded location to exchange vows, and Colorado is perfect for this. Imagine enhancing this intimate setting with a gourmet meal prepared just for you and your loved one. Whether you're dining under the stars, in a cozy cabin, or on a scenic mountaintop, we can bring the luxury of a fine-dining restaurant to your chosen spot. The ambiance of your surroundings, combined with the culinary excellence of Chef Aric, creates a magical dining experience for your love story. 

The best part of an elopement dinner, especially with our "Romantic Seven Course Tasting Menu for Two," is that you can relax and focus on enjoying your day with your loved one. You can tell us if we serve too fast, or you can even take a 15-minute break on the sofa with your loved one throughout the course. There is no need to worry about a restaurant's operation hours, waiting for food in a busy, noisy, clouded place, and no coordinating with multiple vendors.

Married couple smiling with green trees behind them, man in a black suit and woman in a white wedding dress with a large veil.

You will deal with just two of us, Chef Aric and me, who also eloped 30+ years ago. We understand the intimacy of the evening and ensure a dining experience that you and your partner will cherish forever.


Testimonials by our clients

Take it from couples who have chosen us for their elopement. Sarah and Quentin, who eloped in Idaho Springs, Colorado, described their experience: "They were very responsive and open to suggestions in creating a delicious meal. Their tenderloin and silver dollar pancakes are out of this world good and left us craving them for the rest of our stay! It was such a blessing having them as a part of our special day, and we will always remember Chef Aric & Yukari and their services." Another couple, Sara and Mel, shared how their elopement was unforgettable. "Huge thank you to Chef Aric and Yukari for making our elopement dinner absolutely unforgettable. I'll be thinking about that wagyu beef for the rest of my life."

Wedding card that says Just Marries and a large amount of writing on the other side with a photo collage of the couple in the shape of a heart.


We can bring luxury and personalization to your intimate celebration. From customized menus to stress-free dining, we ensure that your elopement is a beautiful ceremony and a culinary journey you'll remember for a lifetime. We only have one reservation for the night. Your special evening is our special evening. Let us serve your taste buds and fill your heart with gratitude. 

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